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Day 0: “No Front, No Back” or “The Writing On The Wall”

When I interviewed for a position as a Technology Integration Coach, one of the questions asked was “What does the Classroom of the Future look like?”  My answer: you can’t find the front of the classroom because everywhere becomes the front of the classroom.  I talked about whiteboard walls at the new St Olaf College Science Center, the U of MN’s Active Learning Classroom (ALC), and also borrowed ideas from Frank Noschese‘s blogging about whiteboarding (via Casey).

I was so enamored with the idea that I wrote a proposal to install whiteboards on ALL the walls of my room…and I got it!  I have tripled my whiteboard real estate — I’m excited to put that space to use.

BTW, I used Photosynth to make the panorama.


Why 180? Why now?

I ate breakfast with Casey last week.  Casey is a friend from college who also teaches and works with ed tech.  While eating pancakes and drinking coffee, Casey told me about Frank Noschese‘s 180 Project and showed me his own 180 blog.  I thought it sounded like a fun way to share what I’m doing at school and to learn what others are doing, so here we go!