Day 6: iTunes U


We are trying out iTunes U for video hosting. I’m not entirely sold on it—why not use YouTube or Vimeo, linked on Moodle?


Day 5: iPods

So, I’ve been trying out this “flipped classroom” thing (fad? trend?). In a “flipped classroom,” students will watch videos of lectures at home (while taking notes, of course!) and answer a few review questions on our Moodle site. Most of the videos were created by EPHS teachers and some are from various online sources. When students come to class the next day, I’ve read over their replies to the Moodle questions and tailor the day’s lesson to the individual students’ needs. We then complete a short quiz on the previous day’s lesson. The rest of the class time is reserved for students to work collaboratively on an assignment from their textbook. During this time, I’m circulating around the room answering questions and helping out. More about the Flipped Classroom here. I plan to blog about flipping more soon on my main blog.

For students without internet access at home, we load videos on iPod Touch loaners for the kids to watch at home.

Day 2: Analog IWB

They started removing overhead projectors from classrooms. I kept mine!  Even though I have a SmartBoard and LCD projector, I still use my overhead projector for collecting and displaying raw data in my AP Stats classes.

What about you — do you use an overhead projector?

Day 0: “No Front, No Back” or “The Writing On The Wall”

When I interviewed for a position as a Technology Integration Coach, one of the questions asked was “What does the Classroom of the Future look like?”  My answer: you can’t find the front of the classroom because everywhere becomes the front of the classroom.  I talked about whiteboard walls at the new St Olaf College Science Center, the U of MN’s Active Learning Classroom (ALC), and also borrowed ideas from Frank Noschese‘s blogging about whiteboarding (via Casey).

I was so enamored with the idea that I wrote a proposal to install whiteboards on ALL the walls of my room…and I got it!  I have tripled my whiteboard real estate — I’m excited to put that space to use.

BTW, I used Photosynth to make the panorama.